Chester, looking good and Mom and Chester after playing in the pond​

Puppies Available

Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale in Missouri and Throughout the United States

Enjoying country life and running to get some love

Bob " The wonderdog

Price does not include delivery or pup may be picked up

2 males available

     Litter born 4/3/17 available after 5/29/17

​​​​​​The Labrador Retriever according to AKC is still the most popular dog breed.  The Labrador Retrievers best feature is their temperament, the pups we have for sale have great temperaments.  They are loving, people oriented and happiest when they are with you. They will do their best to try and please you by playing keep away and fetch.  Labrador Retrievers tend to be good with children as they are patient. A Labrador Retriever will  make a wonderful addition to your family.  They may bark to be protective but usually are not aggressive.  A Labrador Retriever would rather lick  and give kisses to someone rather than harm them.  They are easy to train.  They are active pets that need exercise enjoying walks, runs and their favorite, swimming.  Labrador Retrievers usually take naturally to swimming, but should never be forced or thrown in.  A pup may be unsure and should be with another dog that swims or go in to wade with you.  A gradual incline where they can walk in and out is best.  When they first try to swim, their back legs may not paddle, but they will figure that out quickly.  Never start them where there is a current in the water.  They may try to fetch a stick or ball going further out a little at a time.  Remember, pups have sharp claws and may grab for you when in the water. Our pups, depending on the weather, have typically been introduced to the water.    

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