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New litter born 5/5/2017   5 males  and 2 females       Ready to go home after July 7th,2017.  The pups will look similar to these below

                                                           AKC Limited Registration.Full registration is available.

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The abilities of the German Shepherd are much greater than their origin as the herding dog.  They are well known as police and military dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue and detectors.  The German Shepherd dog is protective to their home and family and will always alert you to strangers, yet once you welcome the person into your house they will also.   A German Shepherd is protective and loving and is a great choice for families who have children yet couples and singles will also make a good match.  They will also do well with other pets especially if they are raised with them from a puppy.  

The German Shepherd is a smart and active dog  and will need a job.  If they are the family companion and live indoors with you they need to exercise  their brain by learning tricks and commands and also helping around the house by picking things up and bringing them to you, as in slippers, newspaper and whatever you would like!  They can also serve in your community as a companion dog visiting hospitals and the elderly or any other options that may be available in your community. They will also need  to go on daily walks or hikes and play ball for physical exercise. Some of our pups we have had for sale have been placed in great homes and are visiting the elderly and also companion dogs.

A German  Shepherd does not need to live in a house with a yard they also do well in an apartment or condo but they must get plenty of walks and daily exercise.  He will enjoy going on walks and hikes and playing ball. This will also give them time to relieve themselves and keep them from getting bored and lonely.  A German Shepherd dog will make a great addition to your family and be your best friend and companion for years to come.